Aleyce Simmonds will be performing at the Maidenwell Country Muster.
Aleyce Simmonds will be performing at the Maidenwell Country Muster. Cordell Richardson

Maidenwell Muster tickets running hot

A SECOND offering of Maidenwell Country Muster tickets has been released so more music fans from across the country can experience the music magic.

Organisers Nigel Squibb and John Whitley said they were excited to see the turnout.

"The previous release was getting close to being sold out, so it will be really amazing to see how many people are going to be there,” Mr Squibb said.

The Maidenwell Country Muster has been attracting attention from tourists, and Mr Squibb said lots of people would be travelling to the South Burnett to enjoy the show.

"The support from locals has been amazing, but also the support from southern Australia has shined through,” Mr Squibb said.

"We got a bit of attention when a consortium left Tasmania with their campers for the muster.”

Golden Guitar-winning Aussie superstar Beccy Cole is headlining the event, which Mr Squibb believes has put the South Burnett on the radar for country fans.

"She's now back from touring South Africa, so I think everyone is excited to see her next show,” he said.

The Maidenwell Country Muster has also been added to the Aussie Road Crew Mountains to Mulga Tour itinerary, a tour hosted by Cole featuring camp fire singalongs by the songstress and guest artists, glamping and gourmet meals.

"We can now officially announce that the Aussie Road Crew will be here for a few days and are starting their Queensland tour at the muster,” Mr Squibb said.

Buy your tickets to the Maidenwell Country Music Muster online, and be sure to check out the event on May 11 and 12 at the Maidenwell Sportsgrounds.

Visit the Aussie Road Crew website if you're interested in more information about the tour.