BRASSALL State School parents have been asking authorities for months to make their crossing safer before a child was hit.

Their fears became a reality after a five-year-old girl was struck by a car yesterday morning.

Although the girl appears to have escaped serious injury, the accident has left parents fuming that the problem has not been fixed.

The Queensland Times has been told by State Member for Ipswich West, Jim Madden, that while there are plans for upgrades, there is no funding available to make them happen.

Father of three Brassall students, Chris Williams, said he always supervised his children at the unmarked crossing on Pine Mountain Rd because of the obvious dangers.

"Cars are parked either side of it, which means drivers won't see anyone who might be stepping out," Mr Williams said.

"When a car does stop for a kid to cross, there are times when the car behind will try to sneak up the side of them."

The pedestrian refuge area on Pine Mountain Rd is not marked and not supervised, yet is seen by many parents as the most convenient for entering and leaving the school.

With more than 800 students at Brassall, drop-off and pick-up times can be chaotic.

Parents and students cross Pine Mountain Road from Brassall State School. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times
Parents and students cross Pine Mountain Road from Brassall State School. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times Rob Williams


Parents and even staff at the school have been calling for safety improvements for some time, with several people yesterday telling the QT that they'd pulled children back just as they'd attempted to cross in front of traffic.

Mr Madden said the issue was first brought to his attention by concerned residents several months ago, and that he had passed those concerns on to the Department of Main Roads and the Education Minister.

Main Roads issued him with a response on July 10, stating that although there were plans to address the problem, there was no funding available yet.

A Main Roads statement yesterday said it had finalised and approved planning for future upgrade works at the intersections of Pine Mountain Road, Hunter and Holt Streets, and Pine Mountain Road and Parcell Street.

Safety upgrades will include the removal of the existing pedestrian refuge on Pine Mountain Rd, in favour of a new, signalled pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Pine Mountain Rd and Parcell St - about 40m further up the road. Mr Madden said he would fight to secure the funding required.

Do you think action needs to be taken to improve the school crossing on Pine Mountain Rd outside Brassall State School after a five-year-old was hit by a car this morning?

Posted by QT - The Queensland Times on Tuesday, August 4, 2015


The Main Roads suggestion hasn't pleased all parents, with some suggesting it would be better to create a zebra crossing and employ a lollypop lady at the existing site.

Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said he was requesting a safety record on the area to work out what action could be taken.

"I'm very concerned to hear there's been an incident involving a young girl outside the school," Mr Bailey said.

"I'll be requesting a briefing on the current layout and safety record of the crossing from my department to examine what can be done to improve safety there."

Brassall State School was approached for comment yesterday, but was unable to respond in time.

What upgrade or change would you like to see to the school crossing on Pine Mountain Rd outside Brassall State School?

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