Major brewer feels the sting of ring pull beer caps.
Major brewer feels the sting of ring pull beer caps. Contributed

Major brewer feels the sting of ring pull beer caps

THERE is a beer backlash brewing with fans of Carlton Dry's famed amber fluids, asking why the brewer has swapped from twist tops stubbies to ring pulls.

Beer drinkers say with the introduction of the new bottles they have lost something special, with that classic sound of "sttt" in the opening of a twist top now gone.

Sentiments to one side, other Carlton Dry beer drinkers say they have cut their fingers on the new ring pulls, prompting the brewer to launch a video showing how to safely open the new look bottle.

In what could prove one of Australia's great commercial fails of 2018, the redesigned Carlton Dry stubbie, shedding the classic twist top, is also now 25ml smaller with the ring pulls.

Similar to what you would find on a classic Bundaberg Ginger Beer bottle.

In response, social media is blowing up with the majority of people not impressed.

"Opening the bottle was half the value of having a beer of an arvo. Hate the new bottles and the fact that we're losing 25ml each bottle and paying the same is an absolute joke. Not happy," Morgan Reid commented.

"New ring is sharp and can cut your finger. Smaller bottle as well is not a smart move," Peter Callaghan said.

Some people have even opted to change their drink due to the size change.

"I can live with the ring pull even though it is ridiculous, but why have you reduced the size of the bottle but left the price the same. Wake up and take in what everyone is saying. I bought Tooheys Extra Dry on the weekend," Peter Gerathy commented.

"Only ever drank Carlton Dry since it came on the market even called my latest dog Carlton but feel ripped off with bottle size and hate the ring pull tops can't put back on to stop flies or dregs when finished gone to Coopers Dry now," Stuart Muller said.

In launching the new stubby design, Carlton Dry spokesman Hayden Turner told the company looked at ways to make their product even more straight forward and ring pull caps were the simple answer.

Not sure how to open the new pull ring? Check out Carlton Dry's tutorial video on their Facebook page by clicking here.