PASSION FOR CARS: This Monkeemobile will be on show at the Wondai Street Sprints.
PASSION FOR CARS: This Monkeemobile will be on show at the Wondai Street Sprints.

Making the Monkeemobile

PAUL Adams, the owner of the Monkeemobile, has had plenty of experience with cars.

After 25 years working as a motor trimmer, he learnt all the tricks of the trade he needed to build his masterpiece final product that will feature at the Wondai Street Sprints' Show and Shine event.

According to Mr Adams, his passion for cars were inspired by his father.

"My father had been doing up cars since he was 15, so I probably got the bug off of him. He's more into engine cars and I'm more into hot rods," he said.

Creating isn't his only talent, Mr Adams also used to race at the Kingaroy Speedway.

"It was years ago, but I was very competitive," he said.

Being close and familiar with all sides of the industry, Mr Adams said he had seen a lot of impressive work.

"It's surprising the amount of talent that's out there at the moment for people who are actually building cars," he said.

"It goes all the way from racers that have their Commodores, and want to put all the pieces together and tidy them up, right through to cars like mine, Jaguars, Camaros, Corvettes and Tranzams," he said.

"We have a couple of Tranzams around town and we often see a lot of guys driving around with old American and English cars, too.

"I've come to notice that a lot of young kids are now driving all the four cylinders' vehicles, while the older ones are driving more V8s, because it's what we grew up with," he said.

"Either way, it's great to see so many people still having an interest in these cars that we put a lot of work into."