Timothy Pullen.
Timothy Pullen.

Man accused of Tim Pullen’s murder denied bail

A GROUP of three or four people went to Timothy Pullen's house in mid-2012 with the intention of abducting him and handing him over to someone he owed money to.

A court has been told details of what allegedly occurred the night Mr Pullen went missing, in a bid to get one of the men accused of his murder released on bail.

Benjamin Francis Graeme Oakley is alleged to have been among the group which went to Mr Pullen's unit in North Mackay.

It is alleged Mr Pullen was assaulted and possibly murdered that night as he has not been seen since.

Mr Oakley's lawyer, Andrew Boe, told Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday that the case against his client was weak and that he should be released on bail.

But a judge ordered he remain behind bars.

Mr Boe said two other people charged over Mr Pullen's death had pleaded guilty to manslaughter and that their "liability" to the offence was the same as what Mr Oakley faced.

Mr Boe said the group's plan was to abduct Mr Pullen and hand him over to someone he owed money to, so the group could be rewarded.

"No part of that plan involved the usage of weapons or of causing him any injury," Mr Boe said.

He said the plan was to make sure Mr Pullen was in a fit state to work off the debt.

"What happened, however, when he attended, something happened about which there is very little evidence, which resulted in (Mr) Pullen at least sustaining an injury that caused him to leave some blood deposits at the scene."

Mr Boe said Mr Oakley planned to live with his father at Dysart and had work lined up if he was released on bail.

Justice David Jackson said there was no evidence of the alleged assault on Mr Pullen or the extent of his injuries. He also said there was no evidence to detail if Mr Oakley had committed serious harm but

he said Mr Oakley was facing life imprisonment if convicted of murder and was, therefore, a risk of not appearing at court.