Man threatened to slit neighbour's throat over dog

A DOG was behind a threatening exchange between neighbours, which cost one man $500 that may have been better spent on dog food.

Steven Jason Brooker appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday, where he pleaded guilty to one count of public nuisance after an incident at 11am on April 5.

Police prosecutor Emma Bonnyman told the court Calliope police were called by a woman, who said her neighbour, Brooker, had started yelling and threatening her, telling her he was going to "slit her throat and bury her in the backyard" after she had asked him to stop using her washing powder.

As he was being arrested, Brooker told police he would say it again to her and he may even kill the dog because she "deserved it" as she was a b***h.

Brooker explained to Magistrate Russell Warfield that the incident had started when his neighbour had threatened his dog, after it had gotten into her house and eaten her food, so when threatened he simply threatened her back.

"It was the wrong words to use," Brooker said.

Mag Warfield convicted Brooker and fined him $500 for the offence, reminding him he was responsible for his dog's behaviour.