The Booie man had failed to register the pet pigs in compliance with the biosecurity act.
The Booie man had failed to register the pet pigs in compliance with the biosecurity act. Claudia Baxter

Man fails to register 'pet pigs', found with rifle, ammo

A MEAT worker has been fined after he failed to register pigs he had bought through a Facebook buy, sell and swap page.

Matthew Wakefield pleaded guilty to a total of four charges in Kingaroy Magistrates Court today.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said police executed a search warrant at the 33-year-old man's Booie residence at 10am on April 11.

The court heard they discovered three saddleback pigs at the rear of the property.

The Swickers worker had failed to register the pigs in compliance with the Biosecurity Act, and was not given an exemption.

Defence lawyer Tom Carr said the defendant had purchased the domestic pigs from a buy, sell swap Facebook page with the intention of keeping them as pets.

"My client wasn't aware of the requirement to register the pigs, he thought that he could buy the pigs and keep them as he would a dog or a cat,” he said.

Sgt Gangemi said police officers also found Wakefield to be in possession of marijuana seeds and a category C rifle.

Officers also found the defendant, who was not a holder of a relevant authority under the explosives act, to be in possession of three rounds of ammunition.

Mr Carr said the nine marijuana seeds had been given to the defendant by a friend.

"He put them in a cupboard and forgot about them, there's no history of drug use and he doesn't use drugs,” he said.

Mr Carr said Wakefield's housemate owned the bullets and gun, even though the items were found in the defendant's room.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said she accepted Wakefield did not know the pigs needed to be registered, but he should know better about the drugs and weapon.

"You know that cannabis is illegal, it's stupid to accept if someone gives it to you and to be in possession of it,” she said.

"I think everyone in Australia knows about weapons and about the strict laws applying to weapons.”

Wakefield was fined $400 for one count of failing to apply for registration of a biosecurity entity, the pigs.

He was fined $300 for possessing a category C weapon and fined $400 for possessing dangerous drugs and ammunition.

The forfeiture of the seized ammunition was ordered and the rifle must be legally acquired within three months or it will be given to the Crown.

No convictions were recorded.