Man in possession of 3000 child sex images avoids jail

A BUDERIM man has avoided jail despite being found to have more than 3000 graphic child exploitation images.

Instead he was ordered to perform 150 hours community service and placed on two years probation.

Samuel Michael Carpenter, 21, pleaded guilty on Tuesday in Brisbane District Court to two counts of possessing child exploitation material at Caboolture and Buderim.

Crown prosecutor Josh Hanna told the court Carpenter was aged between 16 and 17 when the images were downloaded onto a USB and it appeared he had forgotten about them until he crashed his car.

He said Carpenter crashed his car on the Bruce Hwy in November, 2013 and the vehicle was taken to a wrecker where the first USB containing 171 images was discovered.

"Police were notified, he was tracked down and a subsequent search of his mother's Buderim house in November, 2014 located another USB, this time containing 2973 child exploitation images," he said.

"The images were all organised into individually named folders.

"All of the images were at the higher end of the spectrum given the nature of the images and the ages of the children involved."

APN Newsdesk has chosen not to describe the images outlined in court given their graphic nature.

Mr Hanna said 61 images contained sadism, bestiality and babies.

"A psychologist has raised questions whether his interest in the images has depreciated over time," he said.

"Although it is indirect offending against young children, it is still extremely serious nonetheless."

Defence barrister Mark Johnson said Carpenter had downloaded the images as an adolescent to masturbate over before he totally forgot about them.

He said a psychologist had diagnosed Carpenter as being a loner who suffered from anxiety and depression.

"Almost immediately after being charged he started attending counselling sessions," he said.

"He fully understands this is not just about the images.

"He now knows that the children depicted in them are the real victims."

Judge David Reid said the images were vile, severe and extreme in their nature.

He said Carpenter would be facing a stint behind bars if he had downloaded the images at an older age.

"These are not victimless crimes," he said.

"For every image that is produced a child somewhere in the world is being abused."

No conviction was recorded.