BEHIND BARS: Dylan Martin was jailed for a violent attack on his  mother and grandmother as well as f traffic offences.
BEHIND BARS: Dylan Martin was jailed for a violent attack on his mother and grandmother as well as f traffic offences. FACEBOOK

Man makes kill threat, steals car, crashes

HE CLAIMED to be the "biggest drug dealer in Bundaberg", called his grandmother an "old c---", strangled his mum and crashed a stolen car into a home while drunk, causing $13,500 in damages.

Dylan Andrew James Martin's "completely irrational response" after getting into an argument with his mother saw him handed a three-year jail term after the prawn trawler fisherman pleaded guilty to a long list of offences.

During sentencing in Bundaberg District Court, Judge Tony Moynihan summed up the 23-year-old's offending on June 21 last year, which began with the violent attack on his mother and grandmother.

"You got into an argument with them, you punched your mother in the face and kicked her while she was on the ground, you put your hands around her neck and squeezed, she could not breathe," Judge Moynihan told Martin.

"When your grandmother intervened you strangled her, you called her an appalling and derogatory name, you then threw her on the couch and smashed her mobile phone.

"You then threatened to kill both of them with a knife."

The court heard Martin then stole his mother's car and drove off before hitting the back of a woman's car who he threatened when she stopped to assess the damage and asked for Martin's details to make an insurance claim.

"You don't want to f--- with me, I'm the biggest drug dealer in Bundaberg. I'll find you," the court heard an agitated Martin said.

Judge Moynihan went on to detail Martin's offending.

"You then drove away, side-swiping another vehicle, you did not stop," he said.

"You were seen that afternoon ... doing doughnuts in a paddock and then you drove dangerously out on to the road, lost control and crashed into an unoccupied house.

"You did not hold a driver's licence at the time and your blood alcohol content was 0.071 per cent."

Defence lawyer Robert East said his client accepted his actions showed an "appalling example of self-control", but said drugs and alcohol had been a part of his offending.

The court had heard Martin, a father of one, had a metal health issue and despite being just 23, his criminal history was four pages long.

In sentencing, Judge Moynihan took into consideration that Martin had already spent 260 days in pre-sentence custody.

He sentenced Martin to a head sentence of three years with a parole release date fixed at June 21 this year.

Martin was also disqualified from driving for four concurrent periods, making him ineligible to hold a driver's licence for six months.