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Watercooler: Should you be sacked for drunken antics?

A MAN who was fired after getting drunk at his work Christmas party has been re-instated after The Fair Work Commission found he was 'unfairly sacked'.

The male employee drank 10 beers and a Vodka and Coke before swearing at his bosses and sexually harassing colleagues, Fairfax Media reported. 

But the commission placed the blame on the company reportedly saying no standards of conduct had been set for the party.

Did he deserve to get sacked for his actions?

What you're saying on Facebook:

Jody Reeves wrote: "Just don't go to work parties if you want to keep your job - everyone knows that except for the drunks."

Dave Paton said: "No standards of conduct where set? Do we need standards of conduct in place to say "Oh BTW don't swear or sexually harass your co workers" far out. That's like common human decency. No probs tho. All that needs to happen is Co workers all complain about not feeling comfortable about it, strike whatever. Dude gets sacked."

Janice Suter commented with: "That's what work Xmas parties are for lol."

Mark Teh GodKing posted: "Not if they provided free alcohol or a "bar tab" ... if they didn't provide the alcohol I'd say it's his fault ... you cant give people free drugs (yes alcohol is a drug) and then expect them to act normally ... lol."

Tanya Denning said; "Yes he should have been fired it is up to the individual to be responsible for what they drink. If you drink to much and be an absolute tool then they should have to endure the consequences."

Pamela Close commented: "Yes! If everyone started to get serious about 'cleaning up the place' we might start getting somewhere. And if, I may add that means all the 'sportsmen' that think they are beyond the law!!! Stop slapping them on the knuncles to frighten them!!! What a joke!!!"

Sheryn Williams said: "I am all for workers rights but things have gone WAY too far in the opposite direction. It's time people were held accountable for their actions. It may install a sense of personal responsibility in a whole generation (or two perhaps) of people who feel it's always someone else's fault. I suppose the employer shouldn't have allowed alcohol in case some idiot abused it? That seems to be the way of things these days and the people who do the right thing are punished."

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