An 80-year-old father has been imprisoned for 27 years.

Father handed 27-year jail sentence for horrific abuse

21st March 2019 5:43 AM
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A FATHER whose horrific sexual abuse of his daughters included bestiality and gang rape has been given an unprecedented jail sentence.

The 80-year-old who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victims, pleaded guilty to 87 charges, including more than 60 counts of rape when he faced Townsville District Court last week.

Crown Prosecutor Nathan Crane said the father's "severe and violent" abuse spanned 20 years and commenced when the girls were aged around four in the 1970s.

The court heard the man told police in an interview that he had "visions" that showed a particular daughter turning to drugs and prostituting herself.

The rape was to "shock" her out of following the path he saw.

The court heard this daughter endured "painful" vaginal, anal and oral rape which frequently resulted in her bleeding and involved a knife being held to her neck.

The child was told it was her fault and if she were to tell anyone he would kill her.

Her father had also forced the family dog upon her.

He took the girl to his workplace and allowed groups of men to gang rape her.

The mother of the daughters knew of the abuse and did nothing to stop it.

When the daughter was 15-years-old her mother lent her $300 for an abortion, which she made her pay back.

Mr Crane said the mother blamed her daughter for wrecking her marriage.

The court heard when the daughter reached adulthood and married, her father would visit and rape her when her husband was out working.

He continued to rape her while she was pregnant, after she gave birth and threatened her baby with a knife if she didn't comply with the abuse.

Defence barrister Tom Polley said the father deeply regretted what had happened.

Mr Polley said the man was placed in an orphanage as a child where he was subject to violence.

The father interrupted the sentencing several times before Judge Greg Lynham allowed him to address the court.

When given the opportunity the father did not express remorse for his actions.

Instead he took a swipe at the criminal justice system and claimed he wasn't given an adequate amount of time to mount a defence.

Judge Lynham slammed him for his "degrading and disgraceful" treatment of his daughters.

"This was not a nightmare for your daughters, rather it was a living hell, what did you did to them was both evil and appalling," he said.

"Your offending needs to be condemned in the strongest of words."

The daughter let out a cry from where she sat at the back of the courtroom when she heard the sentence.

Her father was imprisoned for 27 years.

Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts said he had never seen such a high sentence for sexual offending and because the offending dated back to 1973 it fell under old legislation.

"In those days there was legislation for serious violent offending so he doesn't have to serve 80 per cent of the sentence and can actually apply for parole now," Mr Potts said.

"It is not a given that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

"I think it would only be in circumstances where given his age he became so disenabled that he could be no risk to society."


Excerpt from the victim impact statement delivered by one of the abused daughters:

MY father is a person I have feared all my life. He has had a lifelong traumatic impact on me. The short-term and long term consequences of his actions have been very significant and at times debilitating.

I was just a little girl and could not understand what I had done wrong to warrant such vile treatment, punishment and threats by my father.

Even while I was a very young child suffering his abuse, I still believed I was loved unconditionally by my mother and siblings and this sustained me in the face of that abuse.

This feeling of safety and love changed when I was eight years old. She (mother) was present in the room when my father was caught in the act of abuse.

This was the night that my world fell apart around me and changed my life forever.

I was very scared now that the abuse had been discovered.

I believed my mother would love and protect me from my father.

My father stole my family life, my safety net, and my protective factors against his abuse. I was alone now and completely vulnerable to his hateful crimes.

I suffered feelings of guilt and believed it was my fault that my mother no longer loved and protected me.

That my siblings grew to hate me, and blame me. I felt abandoned by everyone … I was separated from my twin sister.

I was labelled a liar by my parents, people were told not to believe anything I said.

I began running away and trying to commit suicide, I felt lonely. I hated myself because my mother was disappointed with me all the time.

I was supposed to be silent, I was always told it was my fault.

This will remain with me until the remainder of my life until death will put this trauma to rest.