A Gayndah man has pleaded guilty to three charges following a high speed police persuit. (Picture: File)
A Gayndah man has pleaded guilty to three charges following a high speed police persuit. (Picture: File)

Man slapped with huge fine after high-speed police pursuit

A GAYNDAH man who though he could out run police has been fined $7472.70 after taking them on a high speed pursuit through the streets of Gayndah.

Darren Patrick Walsh pleaded guilty to one count of driving without due care, one count of driving without a license and one count of evading police.

On January 31 police observed a red Holden commodore Ute stop abruptly in the Gayndah IGA car park before reversing back into a parking space.

After not seeing the driver exit the vehicle, police searched the number plates finding the owner of the vehicle had an expired licence.

Police proceeded to follow the vehicle, putting on their emergency sirens and accelerating to catch up.

Walsh accelerated rapidly crossing on to the wrong side of Simon Street to over take a car at speeds of around 100 kilometres per hour in a 50 kilometre per hour zone according to police.

Walsh then crossed the intersection at Pineapple Street, speeding through a give way sign before police made the decision to abandon the pursuit due to the manner of Walsh’s driving.

Police attended the address of the registered vehicle, leaving a note before Walsh handed himself in to the Gayndah police station on February 11.

Walsh’s defence lawyer Travis George said the defendant has an excellent employment history and didn’t realise his licence had expired.

“My friend has been working locally for the past 20 years and has a terrific traffic history,” Mr George said.

“The over taking didn’t happen at speeds of 100km/h and caused no risk on other vehicles as there was no on coming traffic.

“My submissions are that he has to get punishment and as a result of the evading offence, the fine will be a very large one.”

Magistrate Kurt Fowler said the driving was alarming.

“You are old enough to know the dangers of driving like this and whether there are people around or not this kind of driving is concerning.” Magistrate Fowler said.

“Something was clearing affecting your judgment on this day.

“You have a dated and not relevant history, you have pleaded guilty at an early stage and you have co-operated.”

For the driving without due care charge you are convicted and fined $400.

For the evading police charge you are convicted and fined $6672.70 and disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence for two years.

For the driving without a licence charge you are convicted and fined $400.

Convictions were recorded on all charges.