COURT: A man stole $2.4k worth of beauty product from a friend.
COURT: A man stole $2.4k worth of beauty product from a friend.

Man stole $2.4k in beauty items while off his meds

A 39-YEAR-old was told going off his medication wasn't a "very good decision" after he stole thousands of dollars worth of beauty products from a friend's home business.

Michael James Kilfoyle pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to stealing, unauthorised dealing with shop goods, wilful damage of police property, contravention of police protection notice, possess utensil, possess items used in commission of crime and possess dangerous drugs.

The court was told Kilfoyle, 38 at the time, was at a friend's house when over the course of the evening he took a number of beauty products from her home before she caught him with a bag and told him to leave.

Kilfoyle denied any involvement, however the missing items were located during a search warrant.

Kilfoyle admitted his wrongdoing, apologised and attempted to return the products.

Pipes, grinders and seeds were also located in the search warrant.

Prior to this Kilfoyle had taken a flavoured milk from a service station.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said his client had stopped taking his medication for several mental illnesses including an­xiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said it was hard to quantify what role Kilfoyle's mental health played in his offending.

He said he understood Kilfoyle had stopped taking medication before.

"I suspect you've come back to the same conclusion you had previously and that was that wasn't a very good decision," Mr Kinsella said.

Kilfoyle was sentenced to 15 months probation and ordered to pay $5.70, $2475.42 and $280.

No conviction was recorded.