Caloundra RSL Club Sub Branch member Anthony
Caloundra RSL Club Sub Branch member Anthony "Tony" Young Contributed

Veteran takes legal action after being kicked out of RSL

VETERAN Tony Young was kicked out of the Caloundra RSL club and denied access to welfare support earlier this year after a dispute with board members, court documents have revealed.

In January Mr Young - who spent 26 years in the Australian Defence Force - walked into his club of about nine years and, in front of other patrons, was told he'd be removed from the club premises permanently due to "inappropriate actions".

Two months earlier Mr Young had tried to address alleged misspending of monthly entitlements by Caloundra RSL Services Club board members.

Mr Young took his case to the Brisbane Supreme Court, calling for his membership to be reinstated.

The matter recently settled out of court in his favour.

Supreme Court documents say club board members were allocated a $200 monthly allowance for meals and $100 for transport.

One statement detailed how Mr Young had claimed some members were misusing the funds, spending meal allowances on alcohol, using the club's bus to travel instead of their own vehicles and were not using the money to promote the club.

He alleged the cost to the club was about $50,000.

Mr Young, who was once a board member, proposed a vote that would have required board members to submit expense claims.

But the board hit back and informed Mr Young it was taking steps to sue him for defamation over comments made in his proposal.

He said being kicked out of the club stopped him accessing the RSL sub-branch, which is where former servicemen access welfare support.

"The actions taken by the board have had a detrimental impact on my situation," he said in documents lodged in the court.

"I have been denied access to welfare, advocacy and pension support, which are the primary objectives of the RSL."

Caloundra RSL Services Club declined to comment.

After the settlement, Mr Young regained his membership and received an apology.