He pulled out metal darts and started throwing them at the QGC employees.
He pulled out metal darts and started throwing them at the QGC employees. Christopher Chan

Man throws metal darts at staff, urinates on pub wall

A MAN is lucky his aim is not on-point after throwing metal darts at multiple staff members.

He came to the front door of a Chinchilla Queensland Gas Company store, before throwing a glass coke bottle through the front door at 7.16am on April 11.

CCTV footage recorded the 42-year-old man walking away before he noticed a number of QGC employees through the fence.

"The defendant yelled at the employees and continued to throw multiple metal darts,” Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said.

Magistrates Louisa Pink said if the darts had struck an employee, it could have caused a significant injury.

Sgt Stevens said the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had an argument with his ex-partner at 12am the same morning.

"The defendant threw a phone at the aggrieved, causing a small graze to the back of her head,” he said.

On April 11, 45 minutes after the QGC incident, the defendant arrived at the house of a Chinchilla resident he knew and asked for a smoke.

The defendant then threw a rock and smashed a front window of the door when the resident declined.

The 42-year-old man then walked along Heeney St in Chinchilla and asked members of the public to buy him a pie, who refused.

"He yelled and threatened members of the public, causing them to seek refuge,” Sgt Stevens said.

Chinchilla police were called and found metal darts still on the defendant.

On April 12, the defendant challenged Murgon staff at the Australian Hotel to 'take a shot at him'.

The court heard the man was extremely drunk by the time he was asked to leave the pub.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said the man was harassing patrons by throwing fists.

"He was swaying back and forth and his eyes were bloodshot,” he said.

He exposed himself and then urinated on the wall near the Murgon pub.

He was arrested and police recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.294, breaching his bail condition of a alcohol limit of 0.08.

The court heard the man had also harassed his aggrieved at the Chinchilla caravan park at 12pm on April 3.

"He was drunk and accused her of sleeping around,” Sgt Stevens said.

On another occasion he was with the aggrieved in Cherbourg and had been consuming alcohol when they had an argument.

He walked outside and threw a large saucepan through the kitchen window, causing it to smash.

"The projectile continued into the house and landed a metre from where the aggrieved was,” he said.

Defence lawyer Mr McDougall said alcohol was a primary ongoing issue for the defendant.

"It's not only destroying his life, but has a negative impact on friends,” he said.

"He says offences only happen when he's drinking.”

He was born with a restricted airway as a result of his mother being attacked while pregnant.

The court heard his mother was unable to care for him due to issues with alcohol and he grew up under the care of different family members, including his uncle who had attacked his mother.

The court heard the defendant had literacy issues and did not have a permanent place to live after fending for himself from the age of 14.

"He's never felt comfortable or safe in any one location,” Mr McDougall said.

The defendant pleaded guilty to 13 charges.

These included three counts of public nuisance, two counts of wilful damage, one count of obstructing police, one count of breaching bail and two counts of failing to appear in court.

He also pleaded guilty to a wilful damage as a domestic violence charge, two counts of breaching a domestic violence order and being drunk and disorderly.

He received a probation order for nine months and will be required to complete programs.

All convictions were recorded.