ROADSIDE: The 24-year-old man's vehicle was intercepted by police officers who found the dangerous drugs.
ROADSIDE: The 24-year-old man's vehicle was intercepted by police officers who found the dangerous drugs. contributed

Man vows to turn away from life of drugs

"I don't want to touch drugs again."

A young man, leaning heavily on crutches, came up to the Kingaroy Court bar table and announced his decision.

Alekzandar Wolfgang Benz Schmiegel said he would turn his life around after landing in court for more drug offences.

The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to possessing dangerous drugs and possessing property used in connection to a drug offence in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on April 15.

"I realised that kind of life is not worth living," Schmiegel said.

"I'm going to wind up in jail for an extended period of time and miss most of everything, or I'm going to end up dead."

The defendant, who represented himself, said he'd had a rough start to the year, including breaking his ankle and losing many friends.

"I have ditched everyone who was in my past life, because I've hurt my family, friends and myself," he said.

Schmiegal said he had been clean from drugs for more than a month now.

"I've also realised everyone who does drugs is not your friend," he said.

"It's just taken me a long time to realise."

Police Prosecutor Barry Stevens said the man's vehicle was intercepted by police along the Warrego Highway in Dalby on February 26 at noon.

They found 0.7 grams of methamphetamine and scales, suspected of being used for drugs.

The court heard Schmiegel is currently serving a three-year probation order which was set in January 2017.

This court appearance marked the third time he was before the court on drug related charges while on probation.

Schmiegel said he has organised to see mental health professionals to go back on medication and would make an appointment with a drugs and alcohol program.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said the probation order was supposed to assist the defendant, but it seemed he was intending to take some positive steps.

"In the end I can make all of the orders in the world, placing you on probation orders," she said.

"None of them will have an effect until you make a decision to do something about it."

"It sounds positive to me if you do something to change your life."

Schmiegel was fined $400 in total for both charges, and the forfeiture of the drug items was ordered by the court.

All convictions were recorded.

"I hope that you carry through with that and make some changes," Magistrate Pink said.