Machete-waving 'scare tactic' lands man probation

A TEENAGER who used a machete and handcuffs to scare some young girls as they were camping has been given a probation order in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.

Simon William Neumann, 18, pleaded guilty to three charges, including going armed to cause fear.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Jeanette Grigoris said Neumann approached two juvenile girls as they were camping in Point Vernon on May 4.

Neumann took out a machete and waved it around, while also carrying a pair of handcuffs, Snr Const Grigoris said.

Neumann was also camping nearby, and said he just wanted to give the girls a fright.

"I was expecting the girls to scream," Neumann told the police officers after being arrested, the court heard.

Snr Const Grigoris said Neumann also admitted he took the handcuffs as another "scare tactic".

Neumann said he had the machete with him to cut firewood.

Magistrate Graeme Tatnell sentenced Neumann to 12 months of probation.