EXTRA PRECAUTION: The Kingaroy CTC office located at Somerset St was sent into a lock down after William Ratcliffe abused staff members.
EXTRA PRECAUTION: The Kingaroy CTC office located at Somerset St was sent into a lock down after William Ratcliffe abused staff members. Laura Blackmore

Man's good deed flips into office outburst

ONE man's intention of doing a good deed came undone when he lost his temper at a Kingaroy office, which inevitably sent it into lock down.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi told Kingaroy Magistrates Court that on July 28, William Ratcliffe was charged with committing a public nuisance offence.

At 3.30pm the defendant and his partner entered the CTC office at Somerset St in Kingaroy.

Ratcliffe was assisting his friend to receive emergency funds for a bus ticket to Caboolture.

"When they were asked questions regarding (the funds), he began to yell and threat the staff,” Sgt Gangemi said.

"They were asked to leave and the defendant yelled at CTC staff, 'you f------ dog c---s'.”

The office had to be put into lock down and Ratcliffe left the building and was later located by police.

Defence lawyer Mark Oliver told the court it was not the defendant's partner he was trying to help, but a friend in need of emergency travel money.

"(Ratcliffe) managed to show me a photo of her and she was pretty bruised and bashed up,” Mr Oliver said.

"He had gone to the Salvation Army and also to St Vincent de Paul's and they couldn't get her any money to get her out of town.

"They had directed him to CTC but he didn't know he had to have a Centrelink document with him and she didn't have one with her either,” he said.

Mr Oliver said that out of frustration he swore at the CTC staff and he was trying to do a "good term” but unfortunately lost his temper.

Magistrate Louisa Pink was told the defendant was working to get off his ice habit and has substantially reduced it.

He served for the defence forces in Timor and as a result of his service to country he suffers from post-traumatic depression.

Mr Oliver said his client has also worked as a chef and at Swickers but is currently unemployed and receives $540 a fortnight from New Start Allowance.

In her deliberation Ms Pink said the incident at the CTC office was obviously significant enough to cause concern and warrant the staff to shut down the premises for a lock down.

"You have previous public nuisance convictions,” Ms Pink said.

"You have four pages of criminal history.

"If you don't get your drug use under control, you will inevitability end up back before the courts.”

The magistrate took into account the defendant's current financial position and the extenuating circumstances regarding his reasons for being at the CTC office.

Ms Pink convicted Ratcliffe with public nuisance and gave him a $250 fine.

The defendant was also charged with three other drug related offences and was handed down a $500 fine in total.

The other charges Ratcliffe pleaded guilty to were failing to take reasonable care and precautions in respect of a syringe or needle, possessing dangerous drugs and unlawful possession of restricted drugs.