Kingaroy man was suicidal after the death of his partner
Kingaroy man was suicidal after the death of his partner Geoff Potter

Man's new life after partner's death

A KINGAROY man has thanked the work of a South Burnett counselling service for saving his life after overcoming a traumatic chapter in his life which involved the death of his partner.

The 37-year-old man, who wished to remain anonymous, fell into a deep emotional hole after his long-time partner died from breast cancer.

He was unemployed and had daily thoughts of suicide believing he was in some way responsible for his partner's death.

The Kingaroy man was struggling to cope with the grief and displayed reckless behaviour by driving his car dangerously.

Unable to do day-to-day things, he would be violent and destructive when he would think about what happened.

The man was referred by his GP to take advantage of the free New Access sessions at Lives Lived Well.

He attended six low intensity cognitive behavioural therapy sessions and collaboratively completed the Behavioural Activation workbook.

On completion of the sessions, the man was confident he was in a much more positive place with his mental health.

"He said he is planning on travelling around and seeing some of the country and was looking forward to living his life,” his coach said.

"He is now walking every day, he is losing weight the healthy way and has started eating more healthy meals.”

No longer thinking in a negative way about the death of his partner, he has stopped blaming himself and has even started his own business.

Lives Lived Well South West Queensland clinical services manager, James Curtain said the weekly sessions were an effective way to assist clients back to a healthy way of life.

"The coaches are there for the clients to check in and stay on track,” he said.

"It is just like a personal training session where they make sure everything is where it should be.”

For more information on the New Access coaching sessions contact Lives Lived Well on 1300 727 957.