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Margot Robbie reveals her new 'drinking buddy'

MARGOT Robbie says Cara Delevingne is her new "drinking buddy".

The Hollywood duo bonded while making the new comic book movie 'Suicide Squad, and the Australian actress has revealed Cara is a "hardcore" drinker.

She shared: "What made working on the film even more amazing was that I found my new drinking buddy in Cara.

"It's no myth about the British being able to drink, Cara is hardcore."

Margot admitted that although she struggled to keep pace with Cara's drinking exploits, she feels like she has made a friend for life.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "I struggle to keep up.

"But we have the most fun ever. She is definitely now one of my drinking buddies for life."

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed Margot worked out for three hours a day to prepare for 'Suicide Squad'.

The blonde beauty's trainer Andie Hecker spilled the details on the rigorous exercise regime Margot had to go through to get the figure she wanted.

Andie shared: "She was a total trooper. It was very satisfying to see her body change into exactly what she wanted it to look like in such a short time.

"There's a scene in 'Suicide Squad' where she changes clothes in front of a bunch of dudes, so her abs needed to be impeccable. And in those tiny shorts [her character] Harley wears, her butt was constantly on display."