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Mariah Carey wants kids to live 'normal' life

MARIAH Carey wants her children to live a "normal" life.

The 'We Belong Together' hitmaker's demanding career regularly takes her around the world but she doesn't want her five-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, whom she has with her estranged husband Nick Cannon, to feel they have to follow her around on tour and live in the spotlight.

Speaking to Clash magazine, she said: "I want them to still feel normal. So, if they don't like traveling around at some point, they won't have to travel around. But they love travelling. They love flying. If I keep them home for like five days, they're like, 'When are we going on an airplane?' They really love it. They love doing all these things and seeing places--they love the Eiffel Tower. It's amazing, you know what I mean? I just have the best time with them."

The 46-year-old singer and her twins are currently on holiday with her fiance James Packer in Cannes, France, while Mariah takes a break from touring for the summer.

The curly-haired beauty will return to her Las Vegas residency show in late August and will play there until September, before taking two months off and performing three shows in Brazil in mid-November.

Meanwhile, the twins' father Nick - who split from Mariah in 2014 but has reportedly refused to sign the paperwork to make their divorce official - recently released a freestyle song called 'Divorce Papers', which details his growing fears his children will start "doubting" him.

In the track, the 'America's Got Talent' host raps: "When y'all need help/ y'all call me/ When I need help, y'all call TMZ/ and y'all believe everything that you see.

"We single now but we really need to think about is how a child deals/ how a child feels/ because we got two and they brilliant for real/ resilient for real.

"Ima be honest/ sometimes I hate to hear you're on the other line having fun without me/ I wonder if my son will ever doubt me/ What's love I don't care about it I just want my kids to be safe."