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Mariah Carey's personal lighting entourage

MARIAH Carey has her entourage follow her around with a light.

Amber Rose has claimed she once saw the 'Without You' hitmaker with a "full entourage of people" who were responsible for holding a light up in front of her so she would always be picture ready.

Speaking on her chat show, she said: "I know how to take a picture. But one time I was at a party and Mariah walks in and she has a full entourage of people that hold up a light this big in front of her face so every angle that she turns to, she has perfect warm lighting just in case somebody takes a picture."

However, the 32-year-old model certainly isn't criticising Mariah, 46, as she quipped she wants to be her when she "grows up".

She added: "I want to be Mariah when I grow up. She is a true diva."

Meanwhile, Mariah previously revealed she was "in over her head" when she first became famous.

She said: "I was such a kid, just in over my head, but I knew that I was gonna do this for my life and soooo: I probably would've been like, 'Who does your hair and makeup?'

"'Cause they had me with some people who didn't know what they were doing and I knew it wasn't really good and I'd just be like, 'Who does your lighting, hair and makeup?' is what I'd ask her."