Krysten Ritter in a scene from season two of the TV series  Marvel's Jessica Jones .
Krysten Ritter in a scene from season two of the TV series Marvel's Jessica Jones . David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Marvel show speaks up about consent with female lead

The superhero craze continues with season two of Marvel's best television series hitting Netflix just in time for International Women's Day.

Despite the lack of diversity within the Marvel franchise; we do have one fully developed and complex female super hero.

Standing out amongst super hero cliches is the fully realised Jessica Jones.

Going up against season one seems an almost impossible task.

Sometimes the fear of falling short of a brilliant first season can prove fatal.

The female production and writing team set the stake unbelievably high for themselves.

The female leads, Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Carrie-Anne Moss, all gave performances I consider to be at the very peak of their careers.

And, you just can't beat David Tennant as the shows villain.

Despite Jessica having shed Kilgrave from her life; his presence lingers as does the effect of his ongoing abuse.

If season one focused on Jones' trauma and facing her abuser than season two peels back the layers of how messy her life was before Kilgrave.

This season explores Jones' head-space before the abuse began.

The audience is able to learn about her and who she was before this happened.

So in turn how she's developed throughout her struggles. How Jones became who we met in season one.

Their remarkable team was able to take an already before-her-time, fully developed, realistically-complex female character; and delve even deeper into her psyche.

Season two was the opposite of what I expected.

It brilliantly complimented season one while still shining brightly as it's own season.

Season two also further explores the prominent themes of sexual assault and consent in a way that reflects what women are standing up for with the current Me Too Campaign.

However males are not immune to this and recent events in the media have shone light on this issue.

Jessica Jones is a voice and a honestly refreshing representation of how this can effect someone.

Abusing power and disregarding consent is finally having it's place in the media thanks to shows like this and platforms such as the Me Too Campaign.

Five Stars.