About 20 000 South Burnett residents have lost power. File Photo.
About 20 000 South Burnett residents have lost power. File Photo.

Massive Burnett outage leaves 20,000 without power

THE South Burnett is currently experiencing a massive power outage, stretching all the way from Blackbutt to Cadarga.

According to a spokesman from Ergon Energy, about 20 000 people are currently without power due to damage requiring emergency repairs.

The outage, which started at 10.20am this morning (August 11), is currently under investigation. Ergon Energy does not yet know when it will be back.

Impacted areas include Alice Creek, Allies Creek, Anduramba, Ballogie, Benair, Benarkin, Benarkin North, Bilboa, Blackbutt, Blackbutt North, Blackbutt South, Booie, Boondooma, Boyneside, Brooklands, Bullcamp, Cadarga, Chahpingah, Charlestown, Coolabunia, Cooyar, Corndale, Crawford, Cushnie, Durong, Durong South, East Cooyar, Edenvale, Ellesmere, Emu Creek, Gilla, Glan Devon, Goodger, Googa Creek, Gordonbrook, Haly Creek, Inverlaw, Ironpot, Jarail Creek, Kingaroy, Kooralgin, Kragra, Kumbia, Kunioon, Maidenwell, Mannuem, Memerambi, Monogorilby, Mount Binga, Mount Morgan, Mundubbera, Nanango, Neumgna, Nutgrove, Pimpimbudgee, Proston, Runnymede, Sandy Ridges, South East Nanango, South Nanango, Taabinga, Tablelands, Taromeo, Tarong, Teelah, Tingoora, Upper Yarraman, Wattle Camp, Wengenville, Wilkesdale, Wondai, Wooroolin, Wutul, Yarraman