‘Massive quantity’: Drug trafficker jailed for 10 years

A DRUG trafficker whose beauty queen fiancee suffered serious injuries when police raided his Queensland home has been jailed for 10 years.

Dean Grant O'Donnell, 39, today pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to more than 10 offences including drug trafficking and the possession of drugs and weapons.

Crown Prosecutor Russell Hood said police investigating the drug trade in Hervey Bay and Maryborough began monitoring O'Donnell, who was trafficking in "wholesale amounts" of the drug ice, between 2014 and 2016.

Detectives spent months monitoring O'Donnell's "sophisticated" drug operation, installing cameras and recording devices in his Susan River home and at his nearby stash points in bushland where he hid drugs, guns and cash in esky's.

Felicia D'Jamirze - now Felitciana Zsha’Mirzzee - was named Miss Global Australia in 2014.
Felicia D'Jamirze - now Felitciana Zsha’Mirzzee - was named Miss Global Australia in 2014.

Officers stormed O'Donnell's home in February 2016 with his then-fiancee Felicia D'Jamirze seriously injured after a police flash grenade exploded during the raid, burning her face and arm.

D'Jamirze, a model who was named Miss Global Australia in 2014 and Miss International Australia in 2013, was sentenced to a three-year suspended prison term in late 2017 for a charge of supplying ice as part of the drug operation.

During her sentencing, a report from a psychiatrist was tendered to the court in which D'Jamirze said she was in bed alone in the early hours of February 9, 2016, when police threw several grenades through the window and they landed on the bed where she was asleep.

She said the grenades caused a hole as big as a "crater" on the mattress.

It was "so big you could put your shoulder through it", she told the psychiatrist.

She suffered thermal burns to her eye, fractures to her arm, burns to her right hand and spent three months in hospital recovering.

D'Jamirze, who has since changed her name to Felitciana Zsha'Mirzzee, is suing the Queensland Government for up to $1 million for physical and psychological injuries caused by the raid.

She was in court today for O'Donnell's sentencing in which a prosecutor described the operation as "purely for profit".

"The crown's case is and always has been that (O'Donnell) was supplying wholesale quantities of methamphetamine throughout the entirety of the trafficking period," Mr Hood said.

Dean O'Donnell and Felicia Djamirze.
Dean O'Donnell and Felicia Djamirze.

"The defendant's supplier was a member of an outlaw motorcycle club in Sydney.

"Mr O'Donnell was trafficking purely for profit."

The court heard O'Donnell used the spoils of his trafficking to buy luxury items including shoes from Versace and Louis Vuitton, cars and motorbikes.

Defence barrister Matt Jackson said his client had shown insight into his offending and had made the most of his time in custody by completing nine courses.

Mr Jackson said O'Donnell had an "unsettled childhood" and was a cocaine user at the time of the offending.

In an interview with police, O'Donnell told them he had been trafficking drugs to save up enough money to buy a juice bar business.

Chief Justice Catherine Holmes said O'Donnell's Crime was a "serious example of trafficking" and that he had traded in a "massive quantity" of the drug ice.

"The offending also was to fund your lifestyle, you were paying off a house, you were buying expensive items, a lot of Louis Vuitton goods, jewellery, you had a number of a vehicles ... ," Justice Holmes said.

"... you were also depositing large sums of cash in your bank account and your fiancee's (account)."

O'Donnell, who has been in custody since 2016, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

He will be required to serve at least 80 per cent of the sentence behind bars.