Mazda6 recalled for electrical issue which could cause fire

MORE than 1500 new Mazda6s will be recalled to fix a potential electrical fault. 

The fault may cause overheating of the unit and a fire.

Mazda says two cars have caught fire, one in Europe and one in Australia. The cars were with dealers at the time, and the problems are understood to have occurred in the last week.  

The recall will eliminate a potential fault with a component in the DC/DC convertor that is located under the front passenger seat.

The component is part of Mazda's i-ELOOP system that recovers energy to help reduce fuel use.

About 15,000 Mazda6s globally are subject to the recall including 1531 in Australia.

Mazda says it is committed to having all affected vehicles repaired as soon as possible and is contacting owners to arrange a convenient time to have the DC/ DC convertor replaced free of charge.

Mazda is providing all Mazda6 owners affected by this recall with alternative transport while the repair is performed.

Owners are also able to contact Mazda Customer Support on 1800 034 411 for help with any further queries.