THE last thing Rachel Finucane was expecting was to deliver her third child on the kitchen floor of her Maryborough home.

But when she went into labour on Sunday, that's exactly what happened.

Rachel woke up about 3am in a bit of pain, but it wasn't like the pain she had felt while in labour with her other children.

A couple of hours later she called her mum and told her the pain was getting more intense.

She said to her mum, "I think I'm in labour".

By then her contractions were about a minute and a half apart - and all of a sudden her waters broke.

"I rang for an ambulance," Rachel said.

She remained on the phone with the operator who kept her calm and lay down, but Rachel felt a strong urge to push.

Her partner Joby Higham was preparing to deliver their baby himself when two paramedics walked through the door just in time to deliver their daughter.

"I had her on the kitchen floor right in front of the fridge," Rachel said.

The female paramedic who delivered little Aurora Jade told Rachel her daughter was the first baby she had ever delivered.

Rachel said she was very grateful for the help she had received.

"They were really supportive."

The most surprising thing for Rachel was how different the labour had been compared to her other experiences.

"There was no pain compared to my other babies," she said.

After the baby was delivered, Rachel and Aurora were transported to Hervey Bay Hospital.

"It was amazing, but I can't say I'd do it again," Rachel said.

Rachel said it would definitely be a story that would be told on Aurora's 18th birthday.