THE portly pug from Hervey Bay.

The kid who trained on his Xbox. The babyface who ate all the pies.

Boxer Jack McInnes has copped it all since Thursday afternoon's weigh-in.

McInnes is the man slated to face Quade Cooper on the undercard of the long-awaited rematch between Anthony Mundine and Danny Green.

The 22-year-old plasterer put his body to hell and back in the three weeks since he accepted the fight, but the reaction to photos from the weigh-in chose to poke fun at his shape.

While McInnes is focused on his opponent, coach Craig Glover said the pressure

"It's just pumped us up. We've got a plan, we're going to get out there and do whatever we can to silence a few critics," Glover said.

Boxer - Jack McInnes,22, from Hervey Bay.
Boxer - Jack McInnes,22, from Hervey Bay. Alistair Brightman

"We went out for dinner and he knew said 'there's lots of things on Facebook and they aren't positive' and I said we'd spin that round and turn it into a positive.

"Throughout the night, the more it happened the more we were able to put it to our advantage."

Social media comments have been relentless, though McInnes's price in some betting markets has halved in 24 hours.

Though the plasterer, who said this would be his last fight, has copped a mountain of abuse, Glover read through a number of social media posts that showed support for the fighter.

"All of Australia is backing him and a lot of New Zealand don't like Quade Cooper so he's got two countries backing him," Glover said.

"As soon as you land one or two punches, 24,000 people are going to lift the roof off that place. We've definitely turned it into a positive."