KINGSLEY GROVE ESTATE: General Manager Simon Berry sampling the wine.
KINGSLEY GROVE ESTATE: General Manager Simon Berry sampling the wine. Rhiannon Tuffield

Meet the master of wines: Simon Berry

SIMON Berry from Kingsley Grove Estate has a passion for wine and wants to pass his knowledge on to wine enthusiasts far and wide.

In celebration of Aussie Wine Month this May, he and his wife Jo will open the winery's doors for a wine tasting masterclass.

Within the cellar door of the working winery, the workshop will be presented by the winemaker himself and will provide an overview of Queensland's wine regions.

After an in-depth look into the history and evolution of the industry within the South Burnett, guests will be guided through a selection of wines as they are treated to a plate of locally-sourced cheese and homemade, wood-fired pizzas.

Interesting discoveries and insights will be made paired with tasting notes and food ideas and guests will experience an most interesting and entertaining two hours with like-minded wine lovers.

Mr Berry said the purpose of the event was to promote the state's wine and also tourism in the South Burnett.

"It's wine month in May so we try to do events to promote wine and for us promoting wine is all about talking about Queensland wine and highlighting our local industry here," Mr Berry said.

"It gives people an education and insight into Queensland wine and do some wine tasting, eat lunch and experience the region for what it is."

Mr Berry has been involved in the family's winery outside Kingaroy for the past decade and has spent that time learning the ins and outs of the craft.

Months of hard work and strategic decisions go into making the perfect wine, and the weather also plays a huge part.

Mr Berry said the wine in the South Burnett was known for its rich, fruity flavour - a result of being bred in a warmer climate, mirroring wines produced in the Tuscan regions of Italy.

As part of the workshop Mr Berry will compare the difference between our region's wines and those grown in the Granite Belt region - a much cooler climate.

He said he and his family, who run Kingsley Grove Estate, had put techniques in place that helped them manage the weather and get the most out of their wines.

"The interesting thing about wine is that you never have the same season, so it's always going to be a different result," Mr Berry said.

"I've found it very fascinating to understand that process and I find winemaking is always striving for perfection you'll never get - there's something new you always learn."

Mr Berry said the winery had hosted a masterclass for the first time last year, the South Burnett and Cherbourg on Show, and that it had been well received.

"That was more focused to talk about wine making in the South Burnett and I how the grapes grow from season to season and we really enjoyed that," Mr Berry said.

"It's good to give people an insight into the winemaking of our region, and especially now when they'll be standing in the winery where it's made.

"I'm very passionate about Queensland wines and South Burnett wines and I wanted to encourage people to appreciate how far Queensland wine has come in the last 30-odd years."

Mr Berry said there were only 12 spots available for the masterclass and if enough interest was generated, the winery would bring a second masterclass this month.

He said it was also a good opportunity for other hospitality businesses in the region to get involved and highlight the region's great food and wine.

The masterclass will take place at the Kingsley Grove Estate Winery on Sunday, May 8, from 11am.

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