HEALTH: Don't disregard the importance of this year's Men's Health Week.
HEALTH: Don't disregard the importance of this year's Men's Health Week. AndreyPopov

Men's Health Week to bring a healthy heart

AS MEN'S Health Week approaches on Monday, June 10 to 16, the Heart Foundation are reminding boys and men to make healthier life choices.

Steven Vines, the CEO of Heart Foundation Queensland said this is because heart disease is responsible for nearly 13 per cent of deaths in Australian men.

"While heart disease is a leading cause of death in Australian women too, far more men have heart disease and are at risk of a fatal heart event,” Mr Vines said.

"Men aged 18 to 34 are more than twice as likely than their female counterparts to have four or more risk factors of heart disease.”

Mr Vines said as part of this year's Men's Health Week, the Heart Foundation is focusing on what males of any age can do to minimise their risk of developing heart problems later in life.

"We're urging men to be good role models for their loved ones. We know that children tend to tag along for the ride when a parent makes an effort to live a healthier lifestyle,” said Mr Vines.

Heart Foundation Walking, the national Heart Foundation's flagship program, will also be getting involved with Men's Health Week.

This is through getting existing walkers to "bring a bloke” on their exercising journeys.

They also are encouraging people to download the Heart Foundation Walking app, where males who register from June 10 to June 30 could be in the running to win a prize.

"Over 30 per cent of men in Australia have high cholesterol and almost 75 per cent are overweight or obese. One-quarter of males have high to severe blood pressure levels,” Mr Vines said.

"Walking is a great way for men to reduce these risk factors.”

As well as starting to live an active lifestyle, Mr Vines recommends people get a heart health check, eat a heart-healthy diet and for those smoking, to quit.

For more information about heart health, visit the Heart Foundation's website.