Josaiah Okesene and Ben Springhill comparing Tuck Shop menus for the St John's 30th Anniversary Magazine
Josaiah Okesene and Ben Springhill comparing Tuck Shop menus for the St John's 30th Anniversary Magazine Elaelah Harley

Mini magazine makers at St John's

ST JOHN'S Lutheran School is preparing for its 30th anniversary next year and has set a class of Grade 8 students to the task of creating a commemorative magazine.

Mrs Jodie Springhall is the teacher in charge of the idea and believes it's a great way to introduce the children to the business world.

"Our school committee came up with an idea to have a commemorative magazine for the 30th anniversary which is next year, and I thought it would be a great learning opportunity for the kids,” she said.

"I like to make sure that we're offering authentic learning with a real audience, and this was just perfect.”

Mrs Springhall said the children have been very motivated with their research.

"We looked at some past magazines and went to the library to look at the local history section, and just looked at a whole range of text that was similar,” she said.

"We then had a big brainstorming session and decided what we'll include in ours. We went and got all the school archives, and the kids have just been clawing through all the school photographs, newsletters and different types of scrapbooks.

"I really wanted the children to be like real historians trying to find the evidence of a real story.”

Each member of the class has found a different job to work on for the magazine.

"Once we did brainstorming about all the different topics we'd include in the magazine, the kids then nominated themselves for different tasks that they'll be responsible for,” Mrs Springhall said.

"We've got a group of kids making contact via email, they've set their own email up for the occasion, too. They're getting our past students to contact them, and they've got other students to give them more information, so there is a lot of authentic communication going on.”

If you're a previous St John's student and you want to have a segment in the magazine, make sure to contact the team.

"We've had three people respond so far to our questions, and so we've done up little profiles for the magazine. Because we're aiming for 20 profiles, we're needing a lot more people to get back to us,” Mrs Springhall said.

Mrs Springhall believes the hands-on learning is making the children more passionate about coming to class.

"The kids are learning lots of little things through this, like being polite, using formal language, and instead of it just being a random task for assessment, this has a real audience that will reach people,” she said.

"It's what we like to do as a teacher in St John's, it's got to be something that's going to continue to engage and excite the kids. Typically for this age group, they tend to disengage, so we're doing this to try and keep them excited about learning and coming to school.”