If he'd waited five days, he'd face a completely different charge
If he'd waited five days, he'd face a completely different charge

‘Minor’ mistake: Man busted giving teen ice

IF Manuel Norman Puime had waited five more days before asking a girl to hide a syringe laden with ice in her bra, he would have been facing a different charge.

Puime, 41, was caught by police giving the teenage girl the syringe five days shy of her 18th birthday in November 2018 in South Brisbane.

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The former Maryborough man faced Brisbane Supreme court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to one charge of supplying drugs to a minor.

Puime was sentenced to five months' jail but walked from court after Justice David Boddice labelled it a unique case with "two peculiar features".

"First, the minor in question was five days short of her 18th birthday," Justice Boddice said.

"Second, the supply involved providing to her a syringe containing methylamphetamine, not for her use, but for her to hide so that it was not found in your possession when you were being searched by police."

Defence barrister Kate Juhasz also told the court he had significant mental health issues and a longstanding drug addiction.

After time already served, Puime was granted immediate parole.

A conviction was recorded. - NewsRegional