‘Miracle man’ survives five-month hell


"They call me the "miracle man" and all this bullsh*t."

Those are the words of 77-year-old Brisbane grandfather Graham Brasch who just left hospital after a marathon four-month stint that almost killed him five times.

Speaking with 7News after being released from Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Mr Brasch revealed the coronavirus "attacked every organ in my body" including his kidneys, heart and lungs.

He was told by doctors on numerous occasions that the virus could kill him but he held on.

"They fed me by a tube for eight weeks," Mr Brasch said.

"For eight weeks, I lay there like a vegetable."

His message to Australians is simple. He wants them to take the virus seriously, for the sake of their families.

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Graham and his loving wife, Glenda.
Graham and his loving wife, Glenda.


"It wasn't what happened to me that's important. It's what the family go through," he said.

"These people flaunting the rules of distancing and gatherings, they have no idea of eventual pain that's inflicted on these families."

Like Mr Brasch, Queensland has turned a corner in its fight against COVID-19, thanks in large part to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's hardline approach to protecting the state's borders.

Queensland Health reports there was one new case of novel coronavirus on Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases in Queensland since the pandemic began to 1073.

But there are only three active cases. Of those, two are in hospital receiving treatment.

The new case today is a returned traveller who acquired coronavirus overseas and was transported is today, bringing total cases to 1,073.

This case was overseas acquired and was transported directly to hotel quarantine. They are therefore not currently considered to be a risk to the public.

Queensland currently has three active COVID-19 cases. Two of these cases are in hospital.

It's a different story for the rest of the country where more than 500 cases were recorded on Wednesday, including 484 in Victoria alone.

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