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Miranda Kerr's security "stabbed in eye", shoots intruder

AUSTRALIAN supermodel Miranda Kerr is the latest A-list celebrity targeted by attackers, with her security guard being "stabbed in the eye" by the intruder, who responded by shooting them in the head.

TMZ is reporting the security guard confronted the intruder after they had jumped the fence of her mansion in Malibu, California.

Both the intruder and security guard have now been airlifted to hospital and each are expected to survive their injuries.

Ms Kerr is understood to have not been home at the time.

The attempted break-in comes less than a month after television and social media queen Kim Kardashian West was tied up at gun point and robbed while staying at a French hotel during Fashion Week in Paris.

The thieves are thought to have stolen millions of dollars worth of jewellery.