The stepfather has been found guilty by a district court jurySource:Supplied
The stepfather has been found guilty by a district court jurySource:Supplied

'Monster' stepfather guilty in daughter drug rape trial

THE family of the teenage girls and the mother who were victims of the stepfather molester have called him a "monster".

The 45-year-old stepfather was today found guilty by a district court jury of 42 charges of drugging his stepdaughter and the girl's mother and molesting his two stepdaughters from the ages of 11 and 12.

The family described the ordeal as "the darkest time of our lives" and said they were grateful that justice had been served despite the offender's "ugly tactics" and "sickening lie" during the trial.

The salesman, who had earlier admitted to 99 sexual assaults against his elder stepdaughter between the ages of 12 and 16, showed little emotion as the verdicts were read out at the Downing Centre District Court in Sydney.

But he blinked as the guilty verdict was read out for molesting his younger stepdaughter.

The family, who issued a statement immediately following the guilty verdicts through victim's of crime advocate Howard Brown, said they had "a long period of recovery ahead and their battle is not over".

"The outcome today is exactly what we expected and we are profoundly moved to see justice finally served.

"We are fortunate that despite the offender's ugly tactics in the lead up to the trial and sickening lies throughout the trial that the jury was able to see through this, to the truth, and find him guilty.

"The mother in this case is immensely proud of her children for the way their strength, honesty and courage has shone throughout the darkest time of their lives."

The mother, who gave evidence along with her two daughters during the trial had been fighting to have the case heard for three-and-a-half years.

"We pray that this monster never has the opportunity to hurt another child and ruin another family's future."

The man was found guilty after a three week trial and two full days of deliberation by the six man, six woman jury.

The jury found him guilty on 22 charges of administering an intoxicating substance to the elder stepdaughter.

They found him guilty on four charges of drugging the mother and not guilty on one count.

He was also found guilty of two indecent assaults against his younger stepdaughter when she was aged 11.

Sentencing will be on September 8.

More to come.