FOR SALE: Current owner of the Moonya St Store, Gary Rogers
FOR SALE: Current owner of the Moonya St Store, Gary Rogers Matt Collins

Moonya St Store awaits new owners

ONE of Kingaroy's oldest shops, Moonya Street Store, has long been a favourite take-away and convenience store in town.

For the past 10 years, owners Gary and Kerry Rogers have been behind the counter, and they have decided it is time for a change.

Since purchasing the store in 2008, Mr and Mrs Rogers have grown the store to one of the most popular take away and convenience stores in town.

Originally from Gympie, Kerry was the manager of Commonwealth Bank in Hervey Bay before being transferred to the Kingaroy branch.

But it was her love of people that initially attracted them to the Moonya St Store, which was originally opened way back in 1940.

"I always wanted to buy a small store,” Mrs Rogers said.

"Even now after 10 years I still love it.”

The couple said it was the people who they will miss the most.

"There used to be 15 people on the seats out the front of the store every morning,” they said.

"Some mornings they'd be out there waiting for you to open.

"As they grow old and pass away it's very sad.

"It is as devastating as it would be if it was a family member.”

The couple said it was time to turn the page and start a new chapter in their lives.

"We are thinking we will go back to Gympie and buy a coffee van,” Mr Rogers said.

"I'm nearly 62 and it's nearly time to slow down a bit.”

Mrs Rogers said he had a clear idea of who the most suitable people to take over the popular store would be.

"A family with teenage kids to help them out would be ideal,” he said.

The couple invited anyone who was interested in buying the Moonya St Store to drop in or phone them on 4162 1576.