Morcombe’s kind act during their Kingaroy visit

FOUNDERS of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Bruce and Denise Morcombe, celebrated Bruce’s 60th birthday in the South Burnett recently.

But it was a local resident who received the gift.

The Morcombes enjoyed some much-deserved down time at the Bunya Mountains to celebrate Bruce’s milestone birthday,

“We love the Bunya Mountains, it’s so beautiful out there,” Bruce said.

“We’ve been there before, but it’s been a long time between drinks.

“We love the birds, the wildlife and the walks.”

The Bunyas is well-known for the mobs of wallabies that enjoy large helpings of grass while attracting hoards of snap happy tourists.

But it was a little, lost joey that caught the Morcombes’ eye.

“We actually took a little joey to a refuge centre,” Bruce said.

“It had clearly lost its mum.

“I know there are lots and lots of other roos, but that little fella deserved to grow and have a good crack at life.”

When they weren’t rescuing wildlife, the Morcombes enjoyed other parts of our great region.

Including, in what was a lovely surprise, they came into Kingaroy on the same day as one of our biggest weekends.

“We went to BaconFest, we didn’t even know it was on,” Bruce said.

“We had a wander around town. It was a great carnival atmosphere.”

Bruce said while he didn’t get to try all the bacon-based delights, he was adamant he would be back again.

“I didn’t taste bacon ice cream, but next year I will,” he said.

“I’m sure we’ll be back.”