South Burnett farmers can apply for short term roadside grazing permits.
South Burnett farmers can apply for short term roadside grazing permits. Madeline Grace

More grazing options for drought-stricken farmers

SOUTH Burnett drought-affected farmers are eligible to apply for short term roadside grazing permits.

Roadsides may only be grazed if a permit has been issued by the South Burnett Regional Council.

Councillor Kathy Duff said the permits would be issued dependent on the pasture levels and can be renewed upon inspection.

"Roadside grazing opens up more land for livestock to feed on during deteriorating drought conditions and we encourage farmers to take advantage of these permits,” she said.

The applications will be assessed for safety to road users and considered on a case by case basis.

The permits can be issued for periods of up to 21 days to provide livestock with an alternative source of feed charged at $1.05 per head per week.

To obtain a permit, landholders will need to complete an application for a Stock Route Grazing Permit.

The permit application should include the number of head and description of the herd, including the sex, age and brand.

The application should detail public liability insurances, the property identification codes and lots on plan numbers where the stock have come from.

Landholders will also need to identify the area they are applying for the grazing, which is usually the land adjacent to the land owner's property.

If it is not adjacent, the council will require a letter of non-objection from the adjoining landholder.

Applications can be downloaded from the council website.