All of the girls who represented Queensland in various sports from St John's Lutheran School this year.
All of the girls who represented Queensland in various sports from St John's Lutheran School this year.

More opportunities for girl athletes than ever before

THIS has been a strong year for St John's Lutheran School female sports competitors, with more making regional, state and national representative teams than ever before.

St John's principal Karyn Bjelke-Petersen said she was proud of the competitors.

"Our girls made up two-thirds of the St John's students who competed at a regional level, and 100 per cent of St John's students who made it through to the state level," she said.

St John's sports co-ordinator and teacher Greame Moseling has been in his position at the Kingaroy school for more than 10 years and said that in that time he'd seen more and more opportunities arise for female students.

"There's been a huge change in what's available for our female athletes in the past 10 years or so," he said.

"Girls have a lot more opportunities than they used to.

"There is more female sport being televised than ever before, and the girls have responsible and relatable female athletes to look up to. This makes the world of a difference."

Mr Moseling said he it was about time the sporting industry caught up with the talent, dedication and hard work of our female athletes.

"Girls can now consider sport as a legitimate career option and know they will taken seriously," he said.

"The opportunities are there, which is how it should always have been.

"Our girl athletes are just as talented as our males. They train just as hard and they want it just as much."

Looking back over the past 10 years, Mr Moseling said he'd also noticed a difference in sporting opportunities specific to the South Burnett.

"There are more rep teams for them to compete in, and more coaching clinics and critics," he said.

"They also now have the chance to train and compete in sports that were once only for the boys.

"We've got girls playing more and more contact sports like league and AFL. They also have the option to play tackle and they're doing so well at it.

"Anything the boys can do we believe the girls can do too. It's just about setting it up so they have the same amount of support, training and opportunities."

Mr Moseling said he was incredibly proud of all of the girls and how well they've done this year.

"I can't wait to see how far they go with their sports," he said.


Here's a list of all the girls who've represented St John's school at either a regional, state or national level this year.

Year 5:


Jenali Bolden - Cross Country, Athletics

Nicole Gunston - Athletics

Milla Brown - Cross Country

Geneva Koch - Athletics


Jenali Bolden - Cross Country, Athletics

Year 6:


Chloe Brady - Touch Football, Athletics

Bronwyn Francis - AFL, Touch Football, Soccer, Athletics

Casey Springhall - Softball, Netball, Cricket

Olivia Grundy - Softball, Touch Football, Cross Country, Athletics

Briar Steinhardt - Touch Football

Callie Trace - Touch Football

Georgia Trace - Basketball

Indianna Scott - Netball, Cross Country, Athletics

Mia Shailer - Soccer


Bronwyn Francis - Soccer

Casey Springhall - Softball

Olivia Grundy - Triathlon, Cross Country, Athletics

Callie Trace - Touch Football


Olivia Grundy - Triathlon

Year 7:


Abbie Renouf-Dowdle - Soccer, Futsal

Lily Knight - Futsal, Soccer, Athletics

Shanelle Zischke - Futsal


Abbie Renouf-Dowdle - Futsal

Lily Knight - Futsal

Shanelle Zischke - Futsal

Year 8:


Olivia Mogg - Touch Football, Athletics

Lily Fitz-Herbert - Cross Country, Athletics

Year 9:


Selina Birch - Athletics

Emma Wilks - Athletics