Police are invstigating claims woman had $20,000 taken from her bank account.
Police are invstigating claims woman had $20,000 taken from her bank account. Barry Leddicoat

More than $20,000 siphoned from woman in 70s

A WOMAN in her 70s who trusted someone else with her bank details has had more than $20,000 stolen from her account.

Mackay Crime Prevention Unit Senior Constable Stephen Smith said the woman reported the incident to police on Wednesday.

He said the alleged offender, who was known to the woman, had made about 10 bank transfers online since mid-September.

Snr Const Smith said police were yet to interview the person but were investigating.

He said cases where people had taken advantage of acquaintances' bank details were rare, but he had seen similar incidents in the past.

"We do see reports inconsistently that involve circumstances where people might be a little relaxed about who they share this type of access information with," he said.

"It can be neighbours, I've seen (cases) where a friend of a friend - say they're having a party and they invite their friends over and their friends bring friends, that's the person who they give their bank card to, and access details to, to go to the shop and buy more liquor."

Police have issued a release "encouraging residents to restrict or give serious considerations to allowing other people to access your accounts online (outside of spousal relationships)".

Anyone with information that could help police with in matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24 hours a day.