Moreton Resources' Jason Elks.
Moreton Resources' Jason Elks. JULIEN>STAR

Moreton Resources moves forward with mine proposal

MORETON Resources has announced it's lodged an application for a mining licence with the Department Of Natural Resources And Mines.

This is a formal advancement to seek approval to operate an open cut coal mine just outside of Kingaroy.

Moreton Resources executive chairman Jason Elks said in the ASX announcement it was the company's intent to work toward a full submission in response to the Environmental Impact Statement terms of reference once finalised and agreed by the last quarter of 2017.

"The company has undertaken several discussions with interested parties in the 'South Burnett Coal Project' and whilst deliberations are incomplete, the company is assessing its multiple options for a funding and advancing the project," he said.

Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group's John Dalton said the group fully expected the mining licence application as part of the process.

"It doesn't mean anything will go ahead a fairly administrative requirement, it doesn't mean we have to spring into action," Mr Dalton said.

"A more significant development today is we expect to see the terms of reference on the EIS for the EIS today, we have 40 days to respond. How we will respond that will come up at the AGM tomorrow night."

Mr Dalton said the group would look at the document to make sure the concerns of the group were addressed in the terms of reference.

"We will be looking to see the the company and the government, doesn't side-step the seriousness of the proposal," he said.

KCCG is holdings its annual general meeting 7pm Tuesday at the Town Common Hall in Kingaroy and everyone is welcome.