Hollywood director confesses that he mistreats women

MORGAN Spurlock is coming clean.

In an unprompted extended tweet titled "I am the problem," the documentarian took it upon himself to reveal specific instances where he had sexually harassed women and been unfaithful to his wives.

"Over my life, there have been many instances that parallel what we see everyday in the news," he wrote in his lengthy post in regards to the recent sexual harassment and assault accusations that have consumed headlines for weeks.

"When I was in college, a girl who I hooked up with on a one-night stand accused me of rape. Not outright. There were no charges or investigations, but she wrote about the instance in a short story writing class and called me by name. A female friend who was in the class told [me] about it afterwards.

"I was floored.

Morgan Spurlock in his documentary Super Size Me.
Morgan Spurlock in his documentary Super Size Me.

"'That's not what happened!' I told her. This wasn't how I remembered it at all. In my mind, we'd been drinking all night and went back to my room.

"We began fooling around, she pushed me off, then we laid in the bed and talked and laughed some more, and then began fooling around again. We took off our clothes.

"She said she didn't want to have sex, so we laid together, and talked, and kissed, and laughed, and then we started having sex.

"'Light Bright,' she said. 'What?' 'Light bright. That kids toy, that's all I can see and think about,' she said … and then she started to cry.

"I didn't know what to do. We stopped having sex and I rolled beside her. I tried to comfort her. To make her feel better. I thought I was doing OK, I believed she was feeling better. She believed she was raped."

The 47-year-old also noted that he paid a settlement to a female assistant that he'd regularly refer to as "hot pants" or "sex pants," a situation he described as "funny at the time, but then realised I had completely demeaned and belittled her to a place of non-existence".

Spurlock then admitted to cheating on "every wife and girlfriend I have ever had".

He is currently married with a previous marriage from 2006 to 2011.

The Super Size Me director then reflected on what led to his indiscretions. He questioned his alcohol intake and wrote: "I haven't been sober for more than a week in 30 years."

Spurlock also said he was a victim of sexual abuse as a child.

He has since been responding to people on Twitter and said that he is seeking help.

This article originally appeared in The New York Post and has been republished here with permission.