In one case a girl was held with alleged male sex offenders.
In one case a girl was held with alleged male sex offenders.

Jail for stepfather’s ‘most vile’ betrayal

A "VILE" stepfather who videoed young girls in the shower and raped his partner's daughter had also abused a previous girlfriend's child.

In two Cairns District Court trials in March the man, who cannot be named, was found guilty of rape, making recordings in breach of privacy, indecent treatment of a child under 16 as a guardian, maintaining an unlawful relationship with a child and making child exploitation material.

The court last week heard he had been convicted of abusing of his then stepdaughter in 2003. Ten years later the prisoner, now 68, began to abuse his current partner's daughter, 10.

Then in 2016 and 2017 he used a camera hidden in a digital clock 24 times to film his stepdaughter and her friends while they showered during a sleepover.

He specifically timed the recordings and on one occasion called a girl to bathe after preparing the camera.

The accused physically molested his stepdaughter under the guise of giving her medical advice.

When she resisted his advances, he lashed out.

"He said 'why are you being so nasty, you are such a nasty b****'," crown prosecutor Gelma Meoli said.

She told the court the man would confiscate her mobile phone for not being "nice". "Nice to her meant allowing him to sexually touch her; he would offer her money or gifts to be nice to him," Ms Meoli said.

The accused also molested one of the girl's friends.

His stepdaughter became aware of the secret recordings when she found the video files on his computer while completing her homework.

"This was not ordinary due to the amount and nature of the recordings," Ms Meoli said. "It was not a recording by chance - it was deliberate, premeditated and very disturbing conduct."

Judge Dean Morzone said the offences were "most vile".

"There was a degree of secrecy but it was also brazen - you were manipulative, you used emotional blackmail," Judge Morzone said.

"The complainants have feelings of disgust, feeling watched, describing the events as 'horrendous'."

He was doubtful the prisoner could be rehabilitated.

He jailed the man for seven years and nine months including 67 days time already served.

The accused will be eligible for parole after serving half his sentence.