Motorist's secret method to avoid tolls

A SYDNEY motorist says he hasn't paid a road toll since 2011 because he's convinced he has found a loophole that prevents the Government from chasing him for the debt.

Retiree and former Noosa councillor Bob Jarvis is so confident of his case he believes everyone else could also avoid tolls if they wanted to.

Mr Jarvis' protest comes as Sydneysiders take on yet another toll as the M4 motorway - which links the city's west to the CBD - begins once again charging motorists.

He claims that road tolls are basically another form of taxation which legally cannot be collected electronically.

"You can only collect a debt in gold and silver. There's no basket to throw money in anymore and that's when I stopped paying them," Mr Jarvis told Channel 7.

Bob Jarvis reckons he has found a way to avoid his road tolls. Picture: Channel 7
Bob Jarvis reckons he has found a way to avoid his road tolls. Picture: Channel 7

"I've already paid my road toll in petrol excise and they're double dipping.

"Everybody could get away with it if everybody wanted to."

In January Mr Jarvis told The Sunshine Coast Daily Chapter 5 The States Section 115 of the Constitution as his defence.

"A State shall not coin money nor make anything but gold and silver coin a legal tender in payments of debts" was his backing.

However, lawyer Adam Ly wasn't entirely convinced by Mr Jarvis' reasoning.

"It's really arguable if a toll is considered a tax as oppose to a fee for something that is provided to you."

The NSW Roads Minister said Mr Jarvis was legally required to pay his road tolls. However, they seem to have given up chasing him for the money.

The toll dodger is unperturbed and says he would welcome challenging the law,

"I want them to take me to court but they won't because they know full well they'll lose the case."