Ryan Reynolds in a scene from the movie Deadpool.
Ryan Reynolds in a scene from the movie Deadpool. Joe Lederer

The merc with a mouth hits the silver screen in Deadpool

Deadpool: 7/10

FOR all of its faults, Deadpool is a role that Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds seems like he was born to play.

The "Merc with a Mouth" has been a fan favourite from the X-Men comic-book series since the early '90s, but has been an unknown quality on film.

But Spider-Man he ain't. The Deadpool character is deranged - not much of a hero - and is one of the more unconventional of Marvel's characters.

The first time Deadpool was on screen was back in 2009 as the comic relief and a generic villain in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and like the rest of that film, the character came off half-baked.

Fast forward seven years and they have tried again. The characters' humour from the comics is centre stage, and unlike the X-Men movies, it is aimed clearly at an adult audience.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Wade Wilson (Reynolds) is a mercenary with everything going for him until he is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

When a mysterious man offers to cure his cancer, Wilson signs up for the tests.

These experiments cure his cancer, but not before he discovers the true sinister nature of the tests.

After he escapes, Wade wants revenge and seeks to track down the ringleaders behind the experiments.

What works is the humour. Director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds bring the laughs from beginning to end.

Where it lacks is the story.

The generic revenge plot would be a bit dull if it wasn't for the strong humour, and the extended cast do not bring much to the story.

Deadpool is funny and original, but not all it could have been.