Anti-Adani protestors made a stop at the Yeppen roundabout last Friday.
Anti-Adani protestors made a stop at the Yeppen roundabout last Friday. Thomas Henderson

MP caught up in Facebook trouble as Stop Adani Convoy nears

THE STOP Adani Convoy will reach Emu Park this afternoon for one of its final stops before before heading to Clermont for a "special event" on Sunday.

It has been an event-filled week for the convoy which left Hobart a week ago, lead by Dr Bob Brown.

Before the convoy departed, The Morning Bulletin reported the Isaac Regional Council had put strict requirements on the convoy, making it pay a $25,000 bond to be able to use the Clermont Showgrounds for two days of camping.

A subsequent Courier Mail report found that some local businesses in Clermont would be refusing convoy members service.

Most recently, it was reported a member of a Stop Adani Convoy closed Facebook group had posted a comment which allegedly compared coal miners to Nazis

The article sparked outrage amongst many Queensland representatives including Capricornia Michelle Landry, who took to social media.

After sharing the report to her Facebook page, the post coincidentally turned into a double-edged sword as a Landry follower commented saying; "Is it too early to start culling the green activist herd - I really believe we would benefit from shooting a thousand or so."

Convoy leader Dr Bob Brown requested the comments made on Ms Landry's Facebook page be investigated in a letter to the commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, labelling the posts' rhetoric "threatening."

A spokesperson from Ms Landry's office said she "is absolute in her condemnation of threatening and violent behaviour within public debate."

"Social media is a wonderful tool but can, at times, be a challenging resource to manage," A spokesperson said.

"Ms Landry's Facebook page is monitored to ensure it is not used as a vehicle for defamatory or threatening messages, and the comment described was deleted shortly after its posting, in line with best practise."

The Stop Adani Convoy will be hosting a Lantern Parade for the Reef event in Emu Park this evening before moving on to Airley Beach on Anzac Day.

It was reported over 5,000 people attended at Adani HQ in Brisbane on Monday.