Mark Latham interviewing people in Fairfield about multiculturalism.
Mark Latham interviewing people in Fairfield about multiculturalism. Facebook

Multiculturalism is 'a disgrace', says Mark Latham

MARK Latham has slammed Australian multiculturalism as "a disgrace" because he says too few people know how to speak English.

The former Labor leader roamed around Fairfield in Sydney's southwest, which has a large population of people from the middle east.

In the video Latham approaches a number of locals who say they can't speak to him because they don't speak English.

"It's quite disgraceful, how can we have a proper cohesive multicultural community if people don't even speak the basic language of the nation?" he said.

Latham also asked Fairfield residents if they travel to nearby Cabramatta, a five-minute drive away with a largely Asian population.

A number of those interviewed said the drug problem in Cabramatta made it a less than desirable place to visit.

Latham said his interviews proved that multiculturalism in Australia wasn't working.

"Essentially they're going to become an ethnic enclave," he said about people is Sydney's southwest.

Latham directed much of his anger at Labor's Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen, the former mayor of Fairfield from 1998 to 1999.

"It's a disgrace that Chris Bowen and others have allowed this to happen," he said.

Latham made the video for his website called Mark Latham's Outsiders.

That is not to be confused with the Sky News program Outsiders, from which he was sacked in March following a number of controversies, including calling a schoolboy "gay" for his appearance in a video about feminism.