Multiple people dead in mass shooting


Multiple people have been killed after a shooting in a West German town.

Eight people are dead and five more are injured after a gunman reportedly opened fire on a shisha bar located in the town centre of Hanau, near Frankfurt. The BBC said reports were emerging of a possible second shooting at a different shisha bar also in Hanau.

The suspect fled from the scene following the attack, according to officials. No one has been arrested.

Hanau Police released a statement saying they are searching for the offenders after two different locations were targeted in the town on Wednesday evening.

Police said initial reports suggest shots were fired at the two different locations about 10pm. They said one person was injured in the Heumarkt area before a dark-coloured vehicle fled the scene. Another incident then occurred in the Kurt-Schumacher-Platz area.

Police confirmed five people have been seriously injured. A later statement confirmed that eight people had died.

Pictures from Hanau showed a man in a blue t-shirt being handcuffed and led away by police from near the shooting.


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