CAUGHT: Mother of four caught drug driving
CAUGHT: Mother of four caught drug driving

Mum caught driving on methamphetamine four times

A YOUNG mother of four held back tears throughout her proceedings at the Dalby Magistrate court on Tuesday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Derek Bailey told the court on October 6, Kristie Jade Batson was intercepted by police when she was asked to take a roadside drug test and tested positive for meth.

It was Baton's fourth time testing positive for drugs while behind the wheel.

Sgt Bailey began to read out her prior offences when Batson began to tear up and shake her head.

Magistrate Roger Stark had trouble meeting Batson's eye when calling her behavement a "far too common occurrence" and asked her to reflect on if she believed she was setting a good example for her young children.

Mr Stark told Batson that although her actions were foolish, he did not believe that Batson should have this impact the rest of her life, and recieved a 6 months probation suspended licence.

Conviction was recorded.