Generic pic of drinking alcohol. Pic Cranitch.
Generic pic of drinking alcohol. Pic Cranitch.

Mum fears drugs and alcohol will ruin son’s bright future

A WOMAN who spent the day gambling, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before arguing with her former partner fears she is ruining her son’s life.

The 45 year old pleaded guilty on June 29 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of contravening a protection order and possessing a water pipe.

She sobbed as she stood in the dock listening to the facts of her offending.

Police prosecutor Casparus Schoeman said police were called to the woman’s Emu Park residence at 5.30pm on June 27 for a domestic violence offence.

He said the victim was at the bottom of the house when police arrived and told them the defendant had been gambling and drinking all day and an argument erupted after she asked for more money to gamble with.

Mr Schoeman said the victim told police the woman punched the television screen.

She told police she had been drinking and smoking marijuana since 11am and was addicted to both.

The defendant was issued a protection notice which included a condition she not be at the residence, and police left only to be called back at 6.37pm as she had returned to the address.

Mr Schoeman said the defendant banged on the walls.

“Police found the victim downstairs hiding in the dark,” he said

Mr Schoeman said the defendant claimed she had nowhere else to go and did not want to stay with her daughter who lived 100 metres away.

Police located a bong on the defendant’s bedside table.
Defence lawyer Scheryn Aspinall-Clarke said her client had been in a relationship with the victim for 25 years and separated in 2017, but remained living together to care for their three children aged 13, 11 and 10.

“Alcohol and drugs have been a problem,” she said.

“She does smoke marijuana daily.

“She is absolutely devastated by her behaviour.”

Ms Aspinall-Clarke said her client was concerned her behaviour would ruin her son’s life.

The court heard the boy was in a scholarship program.

Magistrate Cameron Press ordered the woman to nine months probation with conditions she attend drug and alcohol counselling as directed by probation. He ordered no convictions be recorded.

The woman sobbing told Mr Press she was concerned her behaviour would impact her children’s lives.

“I can’t do this to my children again,” she said.

“My little boy has a very bright future and I’m wrecking it and I don’t want to do that.”